Drawing from art history, Kevin Ford has established a rich inner reservoir of images from which he selects elements for his paintings. Employing a variety of methods, like commercial spray tools, brushes and rags, Ford overlays, erases, and enhances the canvas until the depiction achieves their desired state. His paintings exhibit a transformation, oscillating between the abstract and the tangible, seamlessly blending the foreign with the known.

Kevin Ford (b. 1975, Samford, CT) received his MFA in Painting from Yale University, New Haven, CT (1999) and his BFA in Painting from Boston University (1997). Recent solo exhibitions include: 12.26, Dallas, TX (2023 and 2021); Hesse Flatow, New York, NY (2022); Tops Gallery, Memphis, TN (2021); Semiose Gallerie, Paris (2020); Kate Werble Gallery, New York, NY (2020), among others. Recent group exhibitions include: Subtitled, Brooklyn, NY (2023); The Norwalk Art Space, Norwalk, CT (2023), Reyes Finn, Detroit, MI (2021), among others. Ford is the Founder of Fish Island Gallery, an alternative project space located on an island in the Long Island Sound. He lives and works in Norwalk, CT.

Selected work
150 Manufacturing St. #205
Dallas, TX 75207
Los Angeles
3305 W Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90018
+1 469 502 1710
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