Sean Cairns typically portrays romantic and tranquil scenes of nature juxtaposed against the animated pulse of human activity.  His vibrantly colored and rustic landscapes, which are inspired by color field painting and German expressionist painters, often reference or pay homage to his upbringing in the Midwest. Flat, rolling hills, sprawling farmland and vast prairies frequently dominate his canvases. Cairns typically utilizes sand, collage, pointillist, flat or impasto painting techniques to convey objects, surfaces, or landscapes. Through these techniques, he is able to blur the lines between the painted and the perceived, inviting viewers to traverse the realm where art and reality intertwine.

Sean Cairns (b. 1988, Sparta, IL) received his MFA in Visual Studies from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (2014) and his BFA in Sculpture at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (2011). Recent solo and two-person exhibitions include: 12.26, Dallas, TX (2023); Valley House Gallery, Dallas, TX (2023, 2021), among others. Cairns lives and works in Dallas, TX.

Selected works
150 Manufacturing St. #205
Dallas, TX 75207
Los Angeles
3305 W Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90018
+1 469 502 1710
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